Did you attend the Ohio State Fair in 1970 or earlier? If you answered yes, you’re automatically a member of the 50 Year Club! Head to the Fair for the club’s annual meeting, featuring performances by the All-Ohio State Fair Band & Youth Choir, the presentation of the esteemed Giant Step Award, entertainment, prizes and information about the club’s current Fair project.

What: The Fifty Year Club of the Ohio State Fair, with members who serve as officers and committee chairs, is an organization that holds an annual meeting during the Fair. The objective of the group is to support, improve, and promote the Ohio State Fair and develop fellowship among the members.

Who is Eligible: If you have attended one Ohio State Fair 50 or more years ago, (1970 or earlier), plan to join!

How: Contact Barb Prince, 614-644-4052, download the ticket order form or email b.prince@expo.ohio.gov and request that you be added to the mailing list. A notice of the annual meeting will be sent in June providing you the opportunity to order discounted tickets for the fair. A parking permit near the Rhodes Center on the day of our meeting (as space allows and paying the regular parking fee) will also be sent.  If you miss the mailed information you’re still eligible to attend the Fifty Year Club Meeting.

When: CANCELLED for 2021! The annual meeting will be held in 2022 (date TBD) in the Rhodes Center. Registration begins at 8:30 a.m.; business meeting and program at 10 a.m.

Why: Come enjoy the social time to renew friendships, meet others who enjoy the fair, and view some of the historical displays of past fairs. Short concerts by the All-Ohio State Fair Youth Choir and the All-Ohio State Fair Band, an informative and brief business meeting and the awarding of the Giant Step Award are also part of the meeting.  Enjoy coffee and donuts and the chance to win a door prize.

Other: The Fifty Year Club of the Ohio State Fair does not have membership dues, but contributions for special projects have been solicited for various projects such as trees and plants for Fairgrounds, Buckeye Grove trees and most recently, support for Ohio State Fair Band and Ohio State Fair Choir.

What you can expect:

  •  A club membership without dues
  •  Participation and input
  •  Club Fair projects
  •  Short concerts by the All-Ohio State Fair Youth Choir and All-Ohio State Fair Band
  •  Prizes
  •  Coffee and visit with new and old friends
  •  Presentation of the Giant Step Award

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