The Ohio State Fair offers a multitude of opportunities for artists to showcase their craft. Two unique Fine Arts competitions at the Fair are Plein Air Painting and Sidewalk Chalk Art. Each presents a stimulating take on what art is, as well as the world around us.

Plein Air Paintings encourage artists to leave the studio and paint a landscape in the moment. Made into an art form by French Impressionists, Plein Art is still relevant today and emphasizes the idea of art as an experience.

The Ohio State Fair has also opened registration for a Sidewalk Chalk Art competition. This also takes place outdoors and allows artists to participate in the Fair as well as create. Participants in both the Plein Air Painting competition and the Sidewalk Chalk Art competition will be allotted time to work on their artwork during the Fair where fairgoers can enjoy seeing artists in action.

Not convinced? Here are three reasons you should you should expand your art to the outdoors at the Ohio State Fair.

1. Your art will be inspired by the world around you

By creating your artwork in real time you will be inspired by the activity around you: kids experiencing the Fair for the first time, the smell of funnel cake and the sound of live music are sure to enhance your art.

2. Fairgoers will be able to witness your artwork’s journey

As you immerse yourself into the Fair people will have the opportunity to see your artwork grow. From beginning to end, your art will attract interest from those seeing what you’re seeing – all as you’re turning it into art.

3. The Fair radiates energy that is unmatched

Forget caffeine! While creating your masterpiece the Fair will provide you with enough power to finish your artwork in time for judging.

Enter in 2019

The Plein Air Art competition runs from July 24 – 26, and Sidewalk Chalk Art runs July 26 – 27. You can find more information and entry details here. The deadline to register is May 29, 2019.


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