For some, coming to the Ohio State Fair is all about the food and for others it’s about the adventure. Get a taste of both by trying the Ohio State Fair’s top five wackiest Fair foods.

Deep Fried Cream Cheese Larvettes

Did someone say mealworms? That’s right. The Bulk Candy Store located just south of 17th sells all the deep fried foods you can think of, including larvettes. These critters are covered in cream cheese and then deep-fried in special batter.

Poutine Tots

The Tot Spot located at the south end of the Mountain Dew Midway specializes in one thing, tater tots. However, these aren’t just any old tater tots. The Poutine Tot, a hot commodity at The Tot Spot, is a bucket of tots topped with fresh cheese curds and hot gravy.Don’t miss out on these delicious one-of-a kind fried potato treats.

Dauby Dog

Dauby’s sells many quirky Fair foods, but quirkiest of them all is the original Dauby Dog. The ¼ lb. hot dog is stuffed with swiss cheese, wrapped in bacon and deep fried and placed in a hot dog bun.

Philly Donut Burger


Served by Dickerson & Kenna in front of Taft Coliseum, the Philly Donut Burger is both a sweet treat and savory burger all in one. Shaved seasoned steak is placed atop a ¼ pound fresh grilled hamburger topped with Monterey Jack cheese, sautéed onions and green peppers, all between two Krispy Kreme Donuts. What more could you want?

Vanilla Cupcake Cold Brew 

Looking for pick-me-up? Stop by Eaton Cookies west of the Ag & Hort Building to try a gourmet Vanilla Cupcake Cold Brew Coffee. Other unique flavors include cookie dough and salted caramel.

Our food vendors have some pretty quirky and delicious food. If you’re searching for something in particular, be sure to check out our food finder at Let us know what wacky foods you find by using #ohiostatefair on all social media platforms.

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