The 2020 Ohio State Fair has been canceled. Read more. 

2021 Media Information

The 2020 Ohio State Fair has been canceled. Read more. 

2019 Media Information

Contact Information for Media

Direct: 614-644-4000
Media Center (for quick response during the Fair): 614-644-4432

Credential registration – required for Fair access

We welcome the chance to work with your station or publication. Registering for the Ohio State Fair is easy for members of the media. Simply register using one of the three following methods:

    • Complete the credential registration form below
    • OR Email a list of staff members who will cover the Fair to
    • OR Fax (on letterhead) a list of staff members covering the Fair to 614-644-4031

We kindly request that all media that are provided an admission ticket submit a press clipping or audio/video clip within two weeks of the closing of the Fair. Failure to provide proof of coverage may result in loss of media center privileges.

Fair descriptions by word count – 2020

Need a blurb? Here are a few brief Ohio State Fair summaries for various word lengths.

  • 25 Words – Get ready for the Ohio State Fair, July 29 – Aug. 9! The Fair features entertainment, animals, education, food, rides, competitions, music, arts and more.
  • 50 Words – Get ready for the Ohio State Fair, July 29 – Aug. 9, a family tradition since 1850! Enjoy activities including interactive education, entertainment stages, a fine arts show, a free petting zoo, sporting events, animals, performers, agricultural competitions, exhilarating rides, horse shows, an 8-acre natural resources park and much more.
  • 75 Words – Get ready for the Ohio State Fair, July 29 – Aug. 9, a favorite family tradition since 1850! Enjoy a variety of activities including the famed butter cow, interactive educational exhibits, Lady Houdini, free entertainment stages, a petting zoo, a fine arts exhibition, mouthwatering food, farm animals, a jet pack thrill show, live music, Daredevils & Wheels, strolling performers, agricultural competitions, fun rides, an 8-acre natural resources park with free kiddie fishing and more!

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With a mix of special competitions, big-name entertainment, exciting rides and thousands of kids and animals, the Ohio State Fair offers 12 days of continuous feature and news story opportunities. It is essential to receive information about the Ohio Expo Center and State Fair. Our current news release distribution system will allow users to specify what information they wish to receive.

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The Media Center

The Media Center will be located in a trailer adjacent to the OHIO Gate on 11th Avenue. The Ohio State Fair Media Center will be operational from 7 a.m. – 8 p.m. (closes at 6 p.m. on Sunday, Aug. 9) or by appointment. All members of the media should check in here before entering the Fair. Our staff will be available to check you in and provide you with Fair admission.

Please note, we will only distribute admission passes to members of the media attending the Fair for business purposes.


For your conve­nience, the Media Center will provide a phone, internet access and an air-conditioned room for you to work. Water, Fair schedules, feature ideas and assistance obtaining interviews will also be provided by the marketing and public relations coordinators.


There are approximately 25 parking spaces at the media center. This area offers the most accessible parking. If the media lot is full, you will be routed to Pavilion Parking just inside Gate 9 or the North Lot (off of 17th Avenue).

On-Site Transportation

A few golf carts will be kept at the media center and can be used for transportation of equipment on a first-come, first-served basis. For liability reasons, carts can only be driven by Ohio State Fair employees. Access to the Fair on carts is limited to the golf cart path, which travels the Fair’s perimeter. No carts are allowed in pedestrian areas. The Ohio State Highway Patrol will enforce this policy.

WCOL Celeste Center Media Guidelines

Review Seats

The only way to guarantee a seat for a paid concert is to purchase a ticket. All review seat requests must be coordinated through each individual artist. Review seats will be distributed from the WCOL Celeste Center box office at the discretion of the artist. We request that publications send a clip of their review to the marketing / public relations department within two weeks of the show.

Still and Video Photography Policy
All still and video photography requests for concerts in the WCOL Celeste Center are subject to the approval of each artist’s management team. If your station or publication wishes to send a photographer or videographer to a concert, please contact the Marketing & Public Relations Director at with your request. Your request will be forwarded to artist management for review, and you will be contacted once your request has been reviewed.

If approved, a member of the public relations staff will meet and inform you of the artist’s photo policy at the WCOL Celeste Center. Each artist’s policy is different. Still photographers will be escorted to designated areas either near the stage or the mezzanine per each artist’s policy. Videographers will be escorted to a press box at the base of the mezzanine. The public relations staff will advise photographers when the allotted time for coverage is over. All members of the media will then be escorted out of the WCOL Celeste Center unless they hold a ticket for the show.

Interviews and Backstage Policy
All interviews and backstage passes must be arranged through the artist’s management. The Fair public relations staff can provide contact names and phone numbers upon request. Please notify the public relations staff office of what arrangements have been made prior to the show date.