11:30 a.m. July 30, 2017

Final Update

Inspectors have completed their re-inspections on all rides at the Ohio State Fair. The midway resumed normal operations at 10 a.m.

A media Q & A answering many reporter questions/requests regarding the Amusement Ride Safety Program is available for download here.

Documents: Please be aware that a portion of these records have been redacted, as indicated in black. The redacted information contains personal information which is not considered a public record pursuant to Ohio Revised Code 149.43(A)(1)(v) and 1349.17.

Additional inspection reports for the rides opened today are available for download here.

ODA Inspection reports for the Fire Ball ride from 2014-2017 are available for download here.

ODA documents for Amusements of America from 2014-2017 are available for download here.

OSF contract with Amusements of America is available for download here.

OSF requested documents for Amusements of America are available for download here.


5:00 p.m. July 28, 2017

Rides in Kiddieland, the Giant Slide and the Sky Glider have passed additional inspections and are open to the public. Inspections will continue on the rest of the amusement rides which remain closed until they are all cleared to open

Additional Inspection reports from those rides are available for download here.

2:30 p.m. July 27, 2017

The Ohio State Highway Patrol continues their investigation of the July 26 ride accident at the Ohio State Fair, with assistance from the Ohio Department of Agriculture. Out of an abundance of caution, Governor John R. Kasich ordered all rides at the Ohio State Fair shut down Wednesday night. The department’s ride inspectors worked in shifts throughout the night to re-inspect the rides on the Ohio State Fairgrounds and their work will continue.

Amusement ride safety inspection is one of the most important duties at the Ohio Department of Agriculture. The safety of guests and visitors to Ohio’s amusement parks, fairs and rides is the department’s top priority. The training of inspectors is a critical strength of the department’s program. The department’s inspectors:

  • Undergo continuous training on all aspects of the program.
  • New inspectors must undergo a minimum one-year training before going out on their own.
    • Additionally, the department’s inspection program is a redundant program that provides multiple personnel inspecting each ride.
  • Several of our staff members are accredited instructors for the National Amusement Ride Safety Organization.

The State of Ohio will continue to work to investigate the accident and ensure the remaining rides at the Ohio State Fair are safe to reopen.

Governor John Kasich Statement

July 27, Ohio State Highway Patrol News Release

Below are initial inspection documents provided by the Ohio Department of Agriculture related to the accident.

Additional documents will be posted here once available for release.

Below are links to the news conferences:

June 26, 2017 News Conference

(Video courtesy of YouTube/WCMH-TV)

July 27, 2017

(Video courtesy: YouTube/WKYC-TV)

Video of Department of Agriculture Amusement Ride Safety Inspectors performing inspections at the Ohio State Fair on Thursday, June 27. Video provided by the Ohio Department of Agriculture.

Media Contacts:

For questions regarding the investigation:
Ohio State Highway Patrol Lieutenant Robert G. Sellers
Office of the Superintendent, Public Affairs Unit
Phone: (614) 752-2792
Email: rsellers@dps.ohio.gov

For questions regarding ride safety and inspection:
The Ohio Department of Agriculture
Office of Communication
Phone: (614) 752-9817
Email: communications@agri.ohio.gov

For questions regarding the Ohio State Fair:
The Ohio State Fair
Media Center
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