We’ve put classic fair food favorites head to head in our first ever food fight! Check out these popular fair food rivals and visit our Twitter @OhioStateFair to put the debate to rest. Join us for #FairFoodFight this week to cast your votes and determine the official fair food favorites. Participants also have a chance to win tickets to Rascal Flatts!

Funnel Cake vs. Elephant Ear

Fried dough is fried dough, right? Wrong! Funnel cakes and elephant ears have had a longstanding rivalry that we need to get to the bottom of. So, what’s the difference? Funnel cakes are fried batter topped with powdered sugar while elephant ears are fried flattened dough sprinkled with cinnamon sugar. Both are delicious, but only one can be the best – Vote Monday, June 19! #FairFoodFight

Corn Dogs vs. Pronto Pups

A fair food classic – the corn dog, or is the pronto pup the classic? What’s the difference anyway? Corn dogs are made with cornmeal and have a sweeter taste, while pronto pups are made with flour, pancake-style!  Pronto pups have claimed to be America’s original corn dog. Are you team corn dog or pronto pup? ­­Vote Tuesday, June 20! #FairFoodFight

Snow Cones vs. Ice Cream

Both tasty summer treats, but only one can be the winner of this food fight. Would you rather have a sweet, icy snow cone or creamy, rich ice cream? Either way you can’t go wrong with the endless flavor choices, but which one is your go-to sweet treat at the Fair? Vote Wednesday, June 21! #FairFoodFight

Caramel Apple vs. Cotton Candy

What’s your favorite sugary snack on a stick? These two fair foods date back to the 1900s and are still popular today. Caramel apples continue to evolve as they are sometimes decorated with candy, chocolate, nuts and more. While cotton candy can come in different flavors, blue raspberry and pink vanilla remains as the traditional flavors. If you could only choose one, what would it be? Vote Thursday, June 22! #FairFoodFight

Fresh Cut Fries vs. Ribbon Fries

We love potatoes in all shapes and sizes, but which fry is THE fair food favorite? You decide! Will it be fresh cut fries popularly covered in salt, vinegar or ketchup or the spiral cut ribbon fries often topped with cheese, sour cream and bacon? Vote Friday, June 23! #FairFoodFight

To weigh in on the debate, check out our Twitter @OhioStateFair to join #FairFoodFight this week and decide the ultimate fair food favorites. Participants will be entered for a chance to win a pair of Rascal Flatts tickets! Vote every day to increase your chances of winning.

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