It’s easy to find inspiration for the on-site Plein Air Competition at the 2019 Ohio State Fair. No matter your interest, there are plenty of scenes to capture and exciting new sights to challenge your skills! Consider using the Ohio State Fair as a unique destination to break out your inner artist with these top painting ideas.

1. The Giant Slide

Draw someone zooming down the exhilarating Giant Slide, including their astonished or bewildered expression as they race toward the bottom. Who knows, you might want to take a turn flying down this Ohio State Fair tradition!

2. Legendary food

Whether the detailed lattice of a funnel cake or the delicately-balanced structure of a donut burger grabs your artistic eye, there’s a plethora of one-of-a-kind foods to illustrate.

3. Animals…of all kinds!

Looking for a little variety in your animal drawings? Look no further! Only at the Ohio State Fair will you be able to draw newborn pigs, majestic draft horses, camels, butterflies and more. Check out one of the many livestock shows to add even more detail to your masterpiece.

4. Strolling entertainers

Explore your painting talent by observing the strolling entertainers that populate the grounds. Whether you animate your canvas with Butters D. Cow and his Character Ambassadors, or attempt to emulate the talent of Bandaloni, a complete one-man-band, catch unique entertainment acts around every corner.

5. Wacky competitions

Have you ever seen Ohio’s largest pumpkin? Immaculately groomed facial hair at the Beard Competition? An endless collection of homemade pies? You will be inspired by the creativity displayed in the abundance of competitions hosted at the Ohio State Fair. Paint a subject you may not find anywhere else!

Take your inner Ohio State Fair artist to the next level by entering in the on-site Plein Air Competition. Show off your flair for fine art by becoming a “Working Artist” on the grounds July 24-26, 2019. Don’t miss out on the chance to paint all the Fair has to offer, enter online before May 39, 2019. Learn more here.

See you and your canvas at the Fair!

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