If you most commonly follow Instagram accounts based on cute puppies, kittens and baby zoo animals, you’re not alone. Doug the Pug, Grumpy Cat and Marnie the Dog didn’t collectively earn more than 7.6 million followers without your support! Next time someone claims the title of “cutest pet” you need to be prepared to counteract their statement with an award-winning cute photo of your own bundle of fur.

The internet is abundant with tips and tricks to capture the best, Instagram-worthy photos of your pet. Here are just a few purrfect pawsibilites!

1. Find good lighting

We have all taken photos of our pets in a dimly lit room and been scared by their red eyes. Avoid turning your loving pet into a vampire look alike by finding a room with ample natural lighting, such as near a window. If you choose to take photos outside aim for the morning or evening where you can utilize shade to show off your pet’s best features.

2. Get on their level

Grab the viewer’s attention with an intimate view of your pet by getting down on their level. This will give you a new and adorable perspective of their world, while increasing the viewer’s connection to the photo.

3. Capture their quirks

We all know what makes our pet unique, show the world by capturing the quirks that made you fall in love! Chances are your pet will be more comfortable in his favorite place and create more natural poses. This will increase your opportunity to capture that cute thing they do!

4. Play with “burst mode”

It can be hard to get the perfect running or roll-over shot without using “burst mode” on your phone or camera to catch your pet in action. Experiment with your options to create the perfect in-the-moment picture.

5. Be patient and bring treats 

Our furry friends can also be very frustrating! Knowing that your pet’s cooperation is not guaranteed, just relax and have fun at your photo shoot. Find what motivates your pet, whether it is treats, toys or funny noises and use these to leverage their attention or capture an intense gaze.

Show off your new photography skills by entering your photos to be displayed at the Ohio State Fair by June 20, 2018! There’s no limit to photo entries this year, so feel free to submit pictures of your pet from all angles. Feeling inspired? Enter here for the Photography Competition at the 2018 Ohio State Fair today!

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