The Taste of the Fair program at the Ohio State Fair allows vendors to sell smaller, reduced-price versions of their signature items for fairgoers to try. Here’s the five deepest discounts you can find at the 2019 Ohio State Fair:

  • One Itty Bitty Fish Sandwich for $2 at Dauby’s Concessions – Try this fish slider with lettuce, tomato, onion, pickles and tartar sauce for only $2.
  • Two Buckeyes for $1 at Anthony-Thomas Candy – Experience this mini, Ohio classic with chocolate and peanut butter for only $1.
  • Small Tots for $2 at The Tot Spot – Try a small order of tots for $2 to experience the crunchy, salty potato bites.
  • Mini Deep-Fried Candy Bar for $2 at Gabby’s Dough Factory – A mini fried candy bar is a fun-sized way to treat yourself. Try a mini Snickers or Milky Way dipped in fresh batter and fried for $2.
  • One Free Cookie at Eaton Cookies – Eaton’s famous chocolate chip cookies are typically sold in cones or buckets, but you can try just one of their fresh baked cookies for free this year at the Fair.

Find more deals and complete our Taste of the Fair checklist in our New Foods brochure, available at any Guest Information Services Booth at the Fair.

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