There are no upcoming events at this time.

*Tickets are not required for this event. 
Concert tickets purchased before arriving at the Fair include Fair admission. Concerts are held in the WCOL Celeste Center.

How to buy tickets

The following options are available to purchase tickets:

Please note that Ticketmaster no longer offers retail outlets. Tickets must be purchased either online or by phone at 1-800-745-3000. Concert tickets purchased before arriving at the Fair include Fair admission. Unless otherwise noted, there is a limit of eight tickets per person, per show on the first day of sale.

Seating Chart

Click here to view the Celeste Center Seating Chart.


Please be cautious when considering using online auction sites, as these tickets cannot be verified as authentic tickets. The Ohio Expositions Commission will not be responsible for fraudulent sales or the illegal duplication or sale of tickets, and does not encourage ticket re-sales.

Will Call

If you have purchased tickets to be picked up at “will call,” they will be available at the WCOL Celeste Center Box Office. Because you have purchased tickets in advance, your Fair admission is still included for the day of the show. By 10 am each morning, each entry gate will have a list of names of the people who have their tickets at will call. If your name is on the list, they will let you and the total number in your party of tickets purchased into the Fair at no charge. It is advised that you bring your ticket purchase confirmation just in case there are any issues. You can pick up your actual concert ticket at the WCOL Celeste Center Box Office Will Call window any time after 1 pm on the day of show.