There are many reasons to work at the Ohio State Fair – good food, a fun atmosphere and lots of fun activities. But more importantly, Fair employees have the opportunity to make long-lasting memories. Read these six Fair employee stories to see why you should work a summer at the 2017 Ohio State Fair. Visit for application and open interview information. Open interviews will take place June 20, 21 and 22 at the Ohio Expo Center. Click here for interview times and location information.

Meet Chris Nethers, the All Ohio State Fair Youth Choir’s health and safety director. The 2017 Fair will be his 26th year as an Ohio State Fair employee. Chris loves how easy it is to become close with other Fair employees during the short duration of the Fair. “Even though we’re only here for one month out of the year, you do make some very close bonds and family,” he says. He remembers one particular Fair employee that handmade blankets and bibs for his three daughters when they were born. Chris also loves being able to make fairgoers’ vacations or staycations special. “When they come here, they want to have the best time of their lives and you can provide that to them by being here,” he says.



Meet Judy Evergin, a paramedic at the Ohio State Fair. She has been a Fair team member for 25 years. Judy loves helping others at the Fair and especially enjoys sharing the tradition with her grandchildren.  She has seen many changes throughout her years at the Fair, but highlights the forward progression of buildings, shows and exhibits. When asked to think of one word to describe the Fair, Judy says, “several come to mind, but fantastic is probably the most appropriate.”



Meet Gary Saunders, a Fair employee in the culinary arts department. Gary fell in love with the Fair at six years old and has been attending ever since. He has been an employee of the Fair since he started selling programs at age 16. Currently, he conducts two culinary demonstrations all 12 days of the Fair in addition to judging culinary exhibits and helping at the will call booth for concerts in the Celeste Center. When asked what he likes about the Fair, Gary says, “I like the people. I like the food. And the money’s good, too.”


Meet Emily Hobson, an Ohio State Fair Guest Information Booth representative. The 2017 Fair will be her tenth year in her position, but she has also worked as a judge of the sheep lead competition in previous Fairs. At 75 years young, Emily has attended the Fair since she was a teenager. She loves the excitement of the Fair and says that she enjoys meeting new and old friends each year. “One word to describe working at the Ohio State Fair would have to be adventuresome,” she says.




Meet Mike Duffy, a six year employee at the Guest Information Services booth. He loves the history and tradition of the Fair, and especially enjoys meeting and helping guests. His favorite memory of the Fair was meeting Kenny Loggins after a Fair concert in 1983. When asked about what the Fair is like, Mike says, “It’s an uplifting environment… our guests come happy and they leave happier.” He says that working the Fair is something he looks forward to each year.



Meet Molly Wake, a registered nurse at the Fair’s First Aid Station. She has been attending the Fair since she was a baby, and fondly remembers her first time meeting Smokey Bear and being amazed when he knew her name. She started volunteering at the Fair when she was 14 and has been coming back to work ever since. She loves the people and the atmosphere of the Fair and highlights how many activities, foods and exhibits there are to enjoy. “One [way] to describe working at the Ohio State Fair is fair-tastic,” she says.

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