taste of the fairThe Taste of the Fair program allows fairgoers to sample a wide variety of different and delicious Fair foods. The program encourages vendors to offer small versions of their signature menu items for a reduced price so fairgoers can enjoy more of their favorite Fair foods for less!

Visitors will be able to tell that a vendor is participating in the program by looking for the Taste of the Fair decal (pictured right) in the window of their booth. Fairgoers can also find Taste of the Fair vendors on the Ohio State Fair Food Finder mobile app for iPhone and Android devices. The app can be downloaded from the Apple Store or Google Play.
Below is a list of vendors and food items offered through the Taste of the Fair program for 2015:
·       Bialecki Old Fashion Ice Cream, Ltd. – Small dish of ice cream for $2.75
·       Copper Kettle Fudge – 1 square of fudge for $1
·       Dauby’s Concessions – Itty Bitty Fish Sandwhich for $2
·       Eggs Turkey & Chicken – Sauder’s Deviled Eggs $2
·       JP’s BBQ/Lemonshake – 3-bone Rib sampler for $5
·       Martin’s Fine Foods – Baby Bourbon Chicken for $4
·       Rutana Concessions – Specialty Orange Creamsicle or Very Cherry small float for $3
·       Sweet Shop – Chocolate-covered bacon stick for $5
·       The Donut Burger – Small drink for discounted price
·       The Gobblin’ Gourmet – 3 deep friend cake balls for $3
·        Marshall Family Farm – Free French Waffle with the purchase of a Funnel Cake
·       The Gobblin’ Gourmet – Mini-funnel cake, original flavor for $3


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