Longtime Fair participant Luane Campbell of Edison (Morrow County) added another blue ribbon to her extensive collection this summer as champion of one of the Fair’s less conventional creative arts competitions, and is taking her award-winning entry on the road throughout the state.

The competition, in which participants create works of art using hundreds of Brillo pads, garners amazingly ingenuitive entries. Luane’s entry, a complete outfit including shoes, a jacket, hat and purse, took home the prize for both Brilliant- Brillo®Outfit and the Ohio State Fair Commissioner’s Choice Award.

Her award-winning work of art is now traveling the state as a featured display at many libraries, including Mt. Gilead Public Library (September), Cardington Library (October) and Cardington Library (November).

There were categories for all ages from 13 to 18 and older. Artwork was displayed in the DiSalle Creative Arts Center throughout the Fair and was judged by a panel of judges. Winners received up to $100 for 1st prize in their respective category with other awards for 2nd and 3rd place.

To see photos of the winners and other participants including a full-size armadillo and a scouring-pad version of American Gothic, visit Brillo®on Facebook.

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