No matter how far you go, you’ll always be tied to your home state. There’s something special about the area where you grew up. You can travel the world, but eventually, you’ll always find your way back home. Specifically, Ohio is a special state with a diverse culture that sets it apart from the other 49. In honor to commemorate our love for the Buckeye state, the Ohio State Fair is hosting an Ohio-themed art competition in our Creative Arts division. Here are six Pinterest-worthy crafts that we want to recreate. Enter the competition by the June 20 deadline, but remember, you have until July 15 to deliver your entry.

  1. Want to hang your state pride? Grab some painter’s tape to outline the shape of Ohio on a wooden pallet. Personalize it by writing “home” in the middle of it or add a small heart icon to the approximate location of your hometown. Hang it so everyone will know you’re from OH-IO!



  1. Ohio has so many amazing things to offer. From our sports teams to the hot dog to Cedar Point, there are many things that have been originated or are linked solely to Ohio. To honor all our great traditions, outline the state on a canvas and try your hand at lettering words to represent your favorite places, things and memories. Bonus points if you relate it solely to one city. What does Ohio mean to you?



  1. You are what you eat…be an Ohioan with this cookie cutter!


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  1. An easy way to add your Ohio pride to any craft is to spell out a word with the letter “O” and add the state’s silhouette in place of it. We love how simple and cute this pillow is! Create your own by sketching the state on cloth with fabric markers or iron transfers. Sew the material shut on three sides then add pillow stuffing. Stitch the open-side shut once completed.



  1. Wear your heart on your sleeve….or neck, with this buckeye necklace! Make your own to mold it to your own style. You’ll need buckeyes, string and beading. Drill a small hole through the buckeyes and loop them through the string. Alternate between adding buckeyes and beading. Knot the ends together when completed.



  1. String art is a relatively simple, albeit time-consuming, craft that can “outline” your love for Ohio. Print a map of Ohio and surround it with nails, then do the same in the shape of a heart near the relative area of your favorite city. Run string between the outline and the heart until you have hit every nail.

Have anything you want to put into the shape of Ohio? Share you creative art at the Ohio State Fair by entering by the June 20 deadline at Flaunt your Ohio items with pride and no matter where you go, let everyone know where you’re from.

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