The deadline to enter the Ohio State Fair Livestock Competition is coming up on June 20, 2017. Read up on your livestock vocabulary so you’re ready to cheer on the participants!


Bovine is the scientific name for cattle and ox. Not everyone realizes that cows aren’t all used for the same purpose. Certain breeds, like this Ayrshire below, are dairy cows to produce milk.





Polled describes a naturally hornless animal. Most llamas, for example, do not have horns. Some types of animals, like sheep, have some breeds with horns and others without.





A sow is a mature female swine. We have lots of sows at the Ohio State Fair, even an exhibit with a mama pig and her piglets in the O’Neil Swine Building.






A filly is a young female horse that is usually under four years of age. We love seeing fillies at the Fair every year!







A doe is an adult female of certain animals, specifically rabbit and goat at the Ohio State Fair. Speaking of rabbits, most have ears which point upward, like the one pictured here, while “lops” have ears that hang downward, like a donkey or hound dog.






A kid isn’t just another name for human children – it also describes a young goat! We’re looking forward to seeing kids of both kinds at the Fair this year.

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