Fair seeks professional and amateur food artists and chefs to “play with their food”

Kids are told not to play with their food, but the Ohio State Fair wants to make up for lost time with the popular Food Art Competition!

The Fair is currently seeking talented professional and amateur food artists and chefs to compete in the food sculpting competition in which they will transform food into magnificent art on Wednesday, July 31 from 3 pm to 6 pm in the DiSalle Creative Arts Center at the Ohio State Fair. Carvers from Columbus, Cleveland, Akron, Newark, Michigan and Indiana are expected to participate.

Culinary students are invited to participate in the amateur division and will be given specific fruits and three hours to create their masterpiece on-site.

During the amateur carving, professional artists and chefs will display their previously carved sculptures and allow the crowd to vote on their favorite. 

Visitors will enjoy watching the transformation of ordinary fruits, vegetables and cheeses into unbelievable sculptures – such as a watermelon becoming a rose garden, birds and even a lady bug – some sculptures standing more than four feet all. Visit the Ohio State Fair on July 31 to see who the next Food Art Champion will be! 

How to enter:

To enter and/or make inquiries, contact Greg Butauski of Rock On Ice / Art The Experience at 614.449.8770 www.rockonice.com or www.arttheexperience.com.

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