New for 2014, the Ohio State Fair will offer junior livestock exhibitors the opportunity to show dairy feeder calves. The show will run July 28 through 30 in the Cooper Arena during the 161st Fair.

The feeder calves that will be shown in the competition are typically born in February or March of 2014 and will weigh in between 300 and 600 pounds during the Fair, July 23 – August 3.

“The cost to care for young calves is typically lower, and these animals are smaller and easier to handle,” explained General Manager Virgil Strickler. “We feel this will allow new junior exhibitors who may have not previously entered livestock competitions at the State Fair to get the chance to take home a blue ribbon.”

Entries will be limited to pure-bred Holstein, Red and White, and Brown Swiss dairy calves. Calves will not be sold at the conclusion of the show, and therefore may be entered in county or other livestock competitions following the Ohio State Fair. Information on how to enter can be found online. Entries must be submitted online or by mail no later than June 20.

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