Option 1: Enter online

There are many ways to enter the various competitions and contests held at the annual Ohio State Fair. Please scroll down for a tutorial on entering online.

Option 2: Printer-friendly forms to mail

In addition, most individual competitions have a separate, printer-friendly entry from that can be downloaded on each competition’s page. Please see the “competitions” menu above for all competitions and to download the entry forms.

Online entry tutorial

Before you begin the online entry process, please be sure you know the division and category number(s) you plan to enter. 

1. Click “enter online” on the appropriate page, or use the following links to start your online entry in a new window beginning in April 2014:

Any department not listed above does not currently support online entries. 

2. Using the navigation menu on the left hand side, click the button that says “log in/log off.” 

3. A window will appear that asks you about which type of account you would like to create and select “exhibitor.”

4. After you select “exhibitor” you will automatically be redirected to the next step, which asks you to type your first and last name. All new online exhibitors, including those who entered in a previous year, should check “I am a new exbitor.” Only if you have already entered in the current year should you select the button that says “I have previously registered.” 

5. On the following page, please complete your accurate contact information and create a password. Then select a password and be sure to remember your password. Please note that once you have checked out and paid, you will not be able to obtain a refund. 

6.  Review your contact information for accuracy. Once you have confirmed that the information is accurate, hit “continue.”

7. You will be asked to indicate the department and division you are entering. If you do not recall the department and division, please open a new window of your web browser and refer to the appropriate information packet or book. 

8. Select the correct department, division and class. Review the “special instructions” tab if it appears and, if necessary, add a description. Click “add to cart.” You will be able to add additional entries as the process continues.

9. Your entry will automatically be saved in your cart. However, you will be redirected to Step 2 – Entries to add more entries to your cart. If you would like to add more entries, select the appropriate department and division (to add an entry in your existing department and division, click “add a similar entry.” If you would like to enter in a different department, click “add a different entry.”) If you have added all entries and are ready to check out, please hit “continue.” 

10. Review your cart for accuracy, noting that the appropriate classes appear in the “description” column. Hit “check out” to continue checking out. (Note: if you are not yet ready to check out, please be sure to hit the button that says “Save this cart for later.”

11. Select your credit card type on the payment page. 

12. Once you have selected your credit card type, a page will appear with additional required information (billing address, account number, etc.). Complete this information and continue checking out by hitting “continue.”

13. Review your payment information for accuracy finish your order. Please call the entry department at 614-644-4052 if you have any questions.


I am having a hard time viewing the website or the online entry forms. What do I do?

Update your web browser to the most recent version. This website is best viewed in Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox.

Where do I find my division or class number? 

You can find the division and class number in the  appropriate information packet or book for each type of entry.

I can’t find the class or division I want to enter in the appropriate book or information packet.

If you are having difficulty finding a class or division in one of the PDF documents, hold down the CONTROL (“CTRL” on a PC) or ⌘ (“COMMAND” on a Mac) key, then press the letter “F” key. This will pull up a search function, so that you can type in the word you would like to locate within the document quickly and easily.

I don’t know where to click.

If your mouse changes to a pointer finger when you hover over a topic throughout the website, it is an active link. Clicking on a link will open the appropriate page.