We put classic fair foods head to head in the ultimate #FairFoodFight to end the controversial debate. You voted and the results are in! Check out which fair food favorites are the best of the best!

Funnel Cake vs. Elephant Ear

It was a tight race between these two favorites, but ultimately the funnel cake came out on top! This just proves that there’s more to these treats than just fried dough.

Corn Dog vs. Pronto Pup

Pronto Pups have claimed to be America’s original corn dog and now they can take the title of food fight champion.

Snow Cone vs. Ice Cream

You scream, I scream, we all scream for ice cream! Snow cone didn’t stand a chance against the 118 votes for this rich and creamy summertime treat. Ice cream reigns supreme in this food fight.

Caramel Apple vs. Cotton Candy

Twitter’s favorite sugary snack on a stick? Cotton candy! This traditional treat dates back to 1904 and remains the popular favorite today.

French Fries vs. Ribbon Fries

Nothing can beat a classic fresh cut French fry – that’s why they have been voted as the fair food favorite and officially won the last food fight!

Thanks for participating in our first-ever #FairFoodFight! Your votes helped put the debate to rest and determine the official fair food favorites. Congrats to our #FairFoodFight winner, Kelly Hart, she has won two tickets to see Rascal Flatts at the Ohio State Fair!


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