Countdown: The Fair is one week away!

The Fair is place rooted in tradition. There’s something so sweet about grabbing a familiar funnel cake or a classic corn dog. However, the sweet familiarity of the Fair is complemented by the new and thrilling features the Fair offers each year.

With only seven days until the Fair begins, we wanted to let you in on seven new items the Fair is featuring in 2013. Maybe it’s time to start a new tradition!

1. Giant Deep-Fried Gummy Bear – The Fair is a place to eat all foods fried – and without a twinge of guilt. Be sure to taste this five-inch cherry gummy bear on a stick, deep-fried with your choice of vanilla or chocolate batter. Yum!
Those Funny Little People

2. The Moonraker – This new ride takes you to heights of more than 70 feet. With 90 degree angles, exhilarating speed and oscillating action, the Moonraker is the only ride of its kind in North America! Care for a preview? Check out this video.

3. Sea Lion Splash presented by The CW – Watch as these sea lions and their handlers perform amazing tricks in this educational, family-friendly show. When they aren’t performing, the sea lions are blowing bubbles and playing with their toys in the underwater viewing tank. The Sea Lion Splash is the only traveling sea lion show in the United States, so don’t miss out! 

4. Those Funny Little People – From July 24 through 29, Billy Bob and Loretta of “America’s Got Talent” performing group, Those Funny Little People, will dance and mingle their way through the Fair. 

5. Camel rides – Have you ever ridden a camel? Now is your chance! Every day, camel rides are offered for $5 to children and $7 to adults in Kiddieland.

6. Monster Arm Wrestling – This contest of strength, endurance and strategy slightly modifies traditional arm wrestling by employing a patented Monster Arm Wrestling Table equipped with elbow pads, handles and a hinged simulated arm – making the competition safer for both players and easier to detect cheating. Check it out on July 28!

7. Catherine Hickland – She may best be known for her role as Lindsey in “One Life to Live,” but she is also an acclaimed hypnotist and hypnotherapist who can put on a powerful, entertaining, family-friendly, hilarious show. Be sure to catch one of her shows on July 30 through Aug. 4.

Whether it’s trying a new food, enjoying a new ride or watching a new performer, we have an abundance of options to make your Fair experience unique and exciting!

Get your tickets now

With only one week until the Fair, don’t forget to purchase advance-sale tickets at Kroger stores, AAA and Ticketmaster locations for $6. Be sure to text “FAIR” to 88588 for exclusive text-only discounts or visit to download and print cost-savings coupons on food and other Fair goodies.

See you in a week!

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