Ohio State Fair – Photography Internships 2018

The Ohio State Fair is seeking paid photography interns to gain a wealth of portfolio material during the 2018 Ohio State Fair, July 25 – August 5.

  • Timing: Shifts may be up to 8-12 hours each day of the Fair (including weekends), July 25 – August 5, with some events requiring brief shifts in the days leading up to the Fair
  • Subject matter: There will be a variety of content opportunities for photographs including animals, rides, posed shots, candids, artwork, outdoor shots, food, aerial photos from a helicopter, concerts with big-name performers, backstage meet-and-greets and more.
  • Equipment: All photographers should provide their own equipment (cameras, lenses, batteries, etc.). A computer will be provided so that interns can download raw and JPEG photos into a Dropbox daily..
  • Portfolio material: Your work could end up in future advertisements, on billboards, on web ads, etc. If you would like, we would be happy to provide you copies of artwork that ends up being used in highly visible outlets for use in your portfolio alongside the photos you have taken.
  • Class credit: If you are eligible for class credit for this internship, Fair staff will complete any appropriate paperwork to ensure you get the credit you deserve.
  • Photo rights: All photos taken become the property of the Ohio State Fair and may never be sold by the photographers for a profit to any other party. However, you are welcome to use the photos you take for your portfolio!
  • Training: A training will take place within one week prior to the opening of the Fair, date TBD based upon your availability.
  • Payment: All photographers will be provided with a $750 stipend, Fair admission credentials, parking and a small allocation of Fair admission passes to share with friends and family.

Interested? Apply by March 19, 2018!

To apply, send your resume and portfolio to Julian O’Loughlin at j.oloughlin@expo.ohio.gov by March 19, 2018.

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