Pinterest is one of our favorite sites to browse and get ideas from. With a range of recipes, inspiration and advice just a tap away, it’s easy to see why the website has gained so much popularity in the past few years.

With summer fast approaching, it’s hard to scroll through Pinterest without seeing multiple pins featuring plants and gardening. Among these are hanging plants. What used to be a way to save space has become a trendy way to bring attention to your florals. This summer, the Ohio State Fair will be hosting a Hanging Baskets and Potted Plants competition in their Horticulture and Floriculture section. We’ve rounded up some “pin-spiration” that might just get you excited about entering this competition at the Fair.

Feel free to add these tutorials to your own to-do list; after all, they’re just a pin away.

  1. It’s easy to see why 2,000+ pinners are interested in this collection of hanging plants. The look is clean, minimalistic and fresh. The best part? It’s easy to create with potted plants if you already have them.



  1. With more than 37,000 pins, the numbers speak for themselves. This example also hangs a watering can to make it appear like the plants are always being cared for. This gives a twist to the typical hanging plants and adds an artistic theme, making it look like artwork.


  1. The style of this DIY is very modern and cleanly organized. Each plant has its own box and is hung away from the wall. We love how simple but unique this specific example is!


  1. Who says hanging plants have to drape from the ceiling? This gardener decided to arrange a few different plants on a clothing rack. The contrast of the diverse types of plants, along with them hanging on an individual piece, makes guests look at it as soon as they enter.


  1. This unique example greets guests with flowers before they even come into the house. Hanging a plant in a wooden frame contrasts the dark and rustic color with bright flowers. This is creative and relatively easy to imitate.

  1. What’s more interesting than a hanging plant? A hanging plant that is settled in cone-shaped vases. This example also features different types of plants within each pot, which gives an individual feel to each one.

  1. Mismatched items have a reputation of looking messy when paired together, but when done in the same color scheme they can still look organized. Add some of your own details, like rope or woven twine, to give each pot your own exclusive twist.

  1. Sometimes, it’s all in the details. The unique way each rope has been knotted to hang these plants is so different that you might not even notice that the planter they are in is the same. This gives a look that is both interesting and cohesive.

Have your own ideas or want to recreate one of these? The Ohio State Fair’s Hanging Baskets and Potted Plants competition deadline will be here before you know it. Follow the link to check out the rules before using that green thumb! Be sure to enter by July 1!

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