Nearly 8,000 sticks of butter make up the butter cow, calf and surprise sculpture at the Ohio State Fair. The surprise sculpture will be unveiled on Tuesday, July 23 at noon and has been kept top secret leading up to the Fair. The butter cow and calf will also be revealed on Tuesday, July 23.

The impressive sculptures are kept at a cool 45 degrees and reside in the newly renovated Dairy Products Building. Renovations in the building mean a new home for the butter sculptures. For the first time in years, the display will reside in a new cooler, keeping the sculptures in top shape during the 12 days of the Fair.

 The display is visited by approximately 500,000 people each year and has become a beloved attraction of the Fair. After seeing the butter sculptures, fairgoers can also enjoy their favorite snacks, including milkshakes, cheese sandwiches or even maple bacon flavored ice cream. Last year, the display honored the Columbus bicentennial with a sculpture of a giant birthday cake. 

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