Trophies and checks to be presented in school assemblies next week

The Ohio Expositions Commission has announced that four fifth-grade students from across the state are the winners of the “Agriculture is Cool” scholarship competition and that two teachers have each received “Agriculture is Cool” classroom grants from Ohio’s agricultural commodity groups.

Representatives from the Ohio Expositions Commission, Ohio Department of Agriculture, Ohio Farm Bureau Federation and Ohio’s agricultural commodity groups will present each scholarship winner with a $500 check and commemorative trophy, and each teacher with a $2,500 check and trophy during a special ceremony at his or her school next week:

Dominic Antronica (Galena), student, Johnnycake Corners Elementary School 
Presentation date, time: Wed., Nov. 14, 2012, 9:30 a.m.
Location: Johnnycake Corners Elementary School, 6783 Falling Meadows Drive, Galena, OH 43021

Wyatt Griffey (Marysville), student, Fairbanks Elementary School
Presentation date, time: Tues., Nov. 13, 2012, 1:30 p.m.
Location: Fairbanks Elementary School, 11140 Ohio 38, Milford Center, OH 43045

Morgan Loveday (Gallipolis), student, Washington Elementary
Presentation date, time: Fri., Nov. 16, 10:30 a.m.
Location: Washington Elementary auditorium, 450 Fourth Avenue, Gallipolis, OH 45631

Andrea Rodeheffer (Minster), student and
Alison Frilling (Fort Loramie), teacher at Ft. Loramie Elementary School

Presentation date, time: Tues., Nov. 13, 2012, 9:30 a.m.
Location: Ft. Loramie Elementary School gymnasium, 35 Elm Street, Fort Loramie,OH 45845

Beth Stombaugh, Georgian Heights Elementary (Columbus)
Presentation TBD 

Student recipients were among dozens to submit essays or creative stories about the “Agriculture is Cool” education program held during the 2012 Ohio State Fair in conjunction with the Ohio Department of Agriculture, Ohio Farm Bureau and Ohio’s agricultural commodity groups. Teacher recipients were randomly selected from more than 50 teachers who completed a survey after visiting each of the nine interactive agricultural education stations at the Ohio State Fair, held July 25 – August 5, 2012. Both winners have submitted lesson plans which detail how the funds will be used in their classrooms. The grants will fund equipment, materials and supplies in the classroom.

Scholarships are funded by the Ohio State Fair Youth Reserve Program. The teacher grants, as well as two complimentary meals in the Taste of Ohio Café for each participating teacher, were funded by American Dairy Association Mideast, Ohio Agribusiness Association, Ohio Agriculture Council, Ohio Cattlemen’s Association, Ohio Corn and Small Grain Growers, Ohio Farm Bureau Federation, Ohio Pork Producers Council, Ohio Poultry Association, Ohio Sheep Improvement Association, and the Ohio Soybean Council.

The “Agriculture is Cool” program has been recognized by the International Association of Fairs and Expositions as the best special or specific agricultural education exhibit, event or program for the fairgoing public for fairs with annual attendance between 500,001 and 1 million. It included several interactive education stations throughout the Fair where students could learn about:

  • The many ways Ohio’s largest industry, agriculture, impacts many facets of their everyday lives
  • Modern dairy farming and how dairy farmers take care of their cows to produce safe and wholesome milk and milk a real or simulated cow
  • Animal care and see farm animals being born and new babies interacting with their mothers
  • How modern-day tractors help Ohio farmers maintain crops
  • The beef industry and nutrition, environmental stewardship, recycling and more
  • Soy and corn production and the various uses in food, fuel and other modern items
  • How barns protect Ohio animals and keep them healthy
  • Eggs and various poultry breeds
  • How wool is spun into yarn and how the process has become more technologically innovative over time
  • The weight of animals such as cows and pigs greatly compares to the average weight of humans
  • How to protect themselves from harmful bacteria

The Agriculture is Cool program will be open to visitors of all ages during the 2013 Ohio State Fair, July 24 – Aug. 4. For the third consecutive year, exiting fourth grade students (2012-2013 academic year) and a chaperone will be admitted for free upon presentation of a valid report card at the entrance gates.

One in seven Ohioans has an agriculture-related job. Every year, farmers in Ohio produce 7.6 billion eggs, 375 million pounds of chicken, 5.2 million turkeys, 305 million pounds of red meat, 997 million pounds of pork, 117 million pounds of sheep and lamb and nearly 600 gallons of milk.

The Ohio Expo Center is a year-round, multi-purpose convention and meeting facility. More than 150 events are held at the Ohio Expo Center annually, including the Ohio State Fair.


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