Congratulations to the 2011 “Ag is Cool” Scholarship Recipients


The Ohio Expositions Commission has announced that four fifth-grade students from across the state are the recipients of the inaugural “Agriculture is Cool” scholarship competition.

Representatives from the Ohio Expositions Commission, Ohio Department of Agriculture and Ohio Farm Bureau Federation presented each scholarship winner with a $500 check and commemorative trophy during a special ceremony at his or her school in early November. A video of the presentations is available on the Ohio State Fair Facebook page.

The 2011 winners are:


The recipients were among dozens to submit essays or creative stories about the “Agriculture is Cool” education program held during the 2011 Ohio State Fair in conjunction with the Ohio Department of Agriculture, Ohio Farm Bureau and Ohio’s agricultural commodity groups.

The 2011 “Agriculture is Cool” program included several interactive education stations throughout the Ohio State Fair where students could learn about:

  • The many ways Ohio’s largest industry, agriculture, impacts many facets of their everyday lives
  • Modern dairy farming and how dairy farmers take care of their cows to produce safe and wholesome milk and milk a real or simulated cow
  • Animal care and see farm animals being born and new babies interacting with their mothers
  • How modern-day tractors help Ohio farmers maintain crops
  • The beef industry and nutrition, environmental stewardess, recycling and more
  • Soy and corn production and the various uses in food, fuel and other modern items
  • How barns protect Ohio animals and keep them healthy
  • Eggs and various poultry breeds
  • How wool is spun into yarn and how the process has become more technologically innovative over time
  • The weight of animals such as cows and pigs greatly compares to the average weight of humans
  • How to protect themselves from harmful bacteria

The Agriculture is Cool program will be open to visitors of all ages during the 2012 Ohio State Fair, July 25 – Aug. 5. For the second consecutive year, exiting fourth grade students (2011-2012 academic year) and a chaperone will be admitted for free upon presentation of a valid report card at the entrance gates.

The Ohio Expo Center is a year-round, multi-purpose convention and meeting facility. More than 150 events are held at the Ohio Expo Center annually, including the Ohio State Fair. The 2012 Ohio State Fair will be held July 25 – August 5.

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