Five Wacky Competitions to Enter at the Ohio State Fair

Whether your forte is creating button art or Duct Tape outfits, the Ohio State Fair is the perfect place to show off your unique talents. Browse through the “Competitions” tab on our website and you’re bound to find an event with your name on it!

Here are a few of our unique competitions:

  1. Beard & Mustache – Men and women from around the state have a chance to flaunt their facial hair, real and fake! The Old Familiar Beard and Mustache Competition showcases the most interesting facial hair styles around. With categories like Fu Manchu, Sideburns and Dali Mustache, it’s sure to be a hair-raising competition! The competition is on July 28 from noon to 4 pm at the ShowPlace Pavilion. Those interested may enter the day of the contest.
  2. Duct Tape Creations – Duct tape doesn’t always have to be used to fix things; it makes a great fashion statement, too! Competitors in the Duct Tape Art area make everything from flowers to full-length dresses. The deadline to enter is June 20, and open judging is July 23 at 2 pm.
  3. Kiddie Tractor Pull – Children can start working on their muscles early by participating in the tractor pull where boys and girls as young as three can participate in a modified pull. Even our youngest fairgoers can get a taste of friendly competition! The event takes place July 29 from noon to 2 pm at the ShowPlace Pavilion. Registration starts the same day at 11 am.
  4. Origami – Origami creations at the Fair are not just limited to regular paper, even dollar bills are used! All kinds of unique designs arise from this competition. The deadline to enter is June 20.
  5. Child’s Costume – Dressing up doesn’t just have to take place on Halloween. At the Fair’s fashion runway show, kids can sport homemade costumes of all sorts. The deadline to enter is June 20. Entries will be featured in the fashion runway show on July 27 at 2 pm at the DiSalle Creative Arts Center presented by Jo-Ann Fabric & Craft Stores.

Check out our full list of Fair competitions.

Even if you’re just a spectator, you won’t want to miss these quirky contests at the Ohio State Fair, running from July 23 through Aug. 3.

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